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Women Beyond Boundaries (WBB) is an organization which offers extreme overland journeys that push boundaries both within & outside to achieve empowerment through mobility. As part of our core mission to highlight the significance of empowerment via extreme overland journeys, WBB documents mobility solutions adopted by women in the remote areas through which we traverse.

We promote self-reliant responsible travel to remote lands that respects & values diversity and demonstrates high degree of eco-consciousness. WBB also empowers women across strata with overlanding skills so that they may own public roads for greater accessibility, mobility & empowerment.
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Shifting Gears - A journey within to conquer your fears - Nidhi Tiwari

Fear is what stands between you and success. What is the ‘X’ factor that will help you overcome your fears and chase your dreams? Hear it from the lady who has challenged fear.

Nidhi has spent the last 18 years travelling to remote corners of India and the world, interacting with indigenous communities, understanding their lives, social and cultural bearings, their relationship with the land, livelihood patterns etc.
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WBB’s previous expedition from New to Delhi to London covered a distance of 23,800kms, across 17 countries, 2 continents over a period of 97 days.
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We are a team of people who are passionate about driving on harsh terrain, in high altitude areas, long distances, feel an innate the need to push boundaries both within & outside and believe strongly that empowerment comes with mobility, especially for women.
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