New Indian Express: Pushing the limits

The Statesman: Breaking boundaries within and without
June 30, 2016
The Asian Age : Off the beaten path
July 11, 2016

New Indian Express: Pushing the limits

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Given the miles Delhi-based adventurer Nidhi Tiwari had spent behind the wheel—including an overland trip from New Delhi to London—her drive to the Himalayas tomorrow seems like a cake walk. The founder of Women Beyond Boundaries (WBB), a Delhi-based organisation that advocates women’s empowerment through mobility, Tiwari will embark on the three-week-long drive in a Porsche Cayenne to drive home the point that women shouldn’t shy away from pursuing extreme overlanding. “The dangers for women travellers are over-hyphed. In fact, dangers on the road are gender neutral. A thorough knowledge of your machine, common sense and research on the places you will be driving through helps,” begins Tiwari, who remembers towing a car full of men out of the slush when she was driving through Imphal.

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