Women Beyond Boundaries (WBB) presents
India’s 1stSolo Expedition to the Pole of Cold

The Expedition

A single woman from India attempts to drive 5000kms in the harshest terrain on earth to the Pole of Cold in the peak of winters in Dec 2016 on the “Highway of Bones” or Kolyma Highway in Siberia to showcase the grit & tenacity behind expeditioning & provide a window for students worldwide to know about this remote corner of the world


  • India’s 1st Solo to the Pole of Cold
  • Expeditioner: Nidhi Tiwari
  • Mode: Self-drive car modified for Arctic conditions
  • Duration: 18 days
  • Distance to be covered: 5000kms
  • Start & End Point: Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Siberia
  • Nature of Expedition:




Focus on reaching the remotest corners and experiencing low temperatures.


First attempt by an Indian
Will brave the Siberian winter and drive 5000kms in temperature ranging from -15 to -50 degree C.
Route passes through Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited place on earth which has seen temperatures as low as -74degree C.
Road from Yakutsk to Magadonis termed “the most dangerous road in the world” is built on permafrost.

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