About us

Women Beyond Boundaries (WBB) is an organization which offers extreme overland journeys that push boundaries both within & outside to achieve empowerment through mobility. As part of our core mission to highlight the significance of empowerment via extreme overland journeys, WBB documents mobility solutions adopted by women in the remote areas through which we traverse.

We promote self-reliant responsible travel to remote lands that respects & values diversity and demonstrates high degree of eco-consciousness. WBB also empowers women across strata with overlanding skills so that they may own public roads for greater accessibility, mobility & empowerment.

Simply defined, “Overlanding” is an international term used for self-reliant travel over land.WBB undertakes overland expeditions to far-flung corners of the globe to not just connect with people, cultures, and landscapes, but also document mobility solutions adopted by women and observe about how mobility has affected empowerment of women. Our travels not only provide insights to society (outside) and also reflect help us reflect within.

WBB feels strongly advocates that mobility is key for women to integrate with the socio-economic fabric of the country. We build skill sets of women drivers to not just be mobile, but also own public roads & highways, tough terrain tracks and more.

To supports its efforts in training & empowerment, courses at WBB Academy focus on overlanding skills. WBB Academy prepares adventurers to undertake overland travels. Expedition leadership, On-road and Off-road driving skills, First aid, Field recovery & repair are our key curricular focus areas.