We believe that driving or being mobile is the first sign of empowerment. Given that Gender Equality and Women Empowerment one of the Millennium Goals as laid out by the United Nations, WBB strives to promote empowerment of women via mobility.

It is well known that though women form half the population, the percentage of women drivers is poor especially in the Asian sub-continent. This we believe is due to two critical reasons – one, the absence of skill sets to drive (amongst women), two, the opportunity to drive and master the art of driving. Being a male dominated society, while the women typically drives to work or the market place, when it comes to vacationing or long drives, most often than not, the man is behind the wheel. Mastery comes with practice; therefore the opportunity for women to master the art of driving through long drives, over difficult terrain or even off-the road are non-existent. To service this need was born Women Beyond Boundaries (WBB).

Moving away from the urban centers, the rural scape is far worse. The number of women drivers are close to negligible. This disadvantages women hugely impacting her ability to pursue work, grow her capacity, or become economically independent through sale of local produce etc. WBB strives to lessen this dependence and hopes to inspire more and more rural women to learn to drive so that they may integrate better and reach out to opportunities.

To aid this effort, WBB expeditions have 20% of seats reserved for participants from underprivileged backgrounds. WBB Academy offers subsidized courses so that women from remote areas may benefit from our core expertize.

Our convictions and core values guide the commitment to women throughout India and the world. We believe WBB programs focus on identifying and supporting women through actions developed around encouraging and supporting girls & women in overland driving, expeditions and recognizing/building excellence in a field where women are under-represented.

WBB is convinced that this contributes to enhancing the self-esteem of women in marginalized situations, to help them regain confidence and empowerment, to find the force to succeed in achieving their personal dreams. The program also assists women in building toward the future by providing training in overland adventure. It also opens up livelihood opportunities for women from marginalized sections in areas such as driving, mechanical repair etc.

WBB Academy is characterized by its commitment to the audacity and fighting spirit of women throughout the world. A commitment to pushing its challenges, actions and achievements to their furthest limits.